About Us: Life and Light, Brooklyn, New York
Life and Light Apostolic Assembly, Brooklyn New York, was established in July 1982 under
the leadership of Pastor Mark C. Boyce. Our mission is to spread the Gospel of our Lord
Jesus in our communities and beyond, leading many to Christ for the salvation of their
souls and their personal growth and development.
The Church was started in 1982 with about seven members and their families, and
services were held at the home of the Pastor. In July 1983, as the Spirit directed, we sought
out a place of worship which could accommodate more members and where we could
have a greater impact within our community. On December 11,1983, we dedicated space
at 5302 Clarendon Road, Brooklyn to the Service of our Lord and services were held there
for ten years.
Over those ten years, God truly blessed us and our membership increased as many souls
were added to the Church. We outgrew our space and this led us to purchase property at
728 Clarkson Avenue where we began construction of a new building in April 1993. The
building was completed in 1994, and dedicated to the service of the Lord on November 13,
All are welcome to join us in our worship services as we celebrate the goodness of the
Lord in our lives.
Peace and Love.
Life and Light Apostolic
728 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11203
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